Organic tubefeeding Maltison       original since 1990

only the best!

Maltison is the first certified organic tubefeeding worldwide. We manufacture it in the middle of the nature park Sauerland-Rothaar Mountains in Germany and use its local, pure and vital water. Maltison contains exclusively, high quality organic eatables.

We are serious about sustainability, protection of the environment and your health.

We process Maltison with 100% green electricity, fill it in bottles from recycled glass and pack it in carton boxes of recycled paper. No plastics, no PBA's.


We don't have a distribution center outside the EU yet but we can send it to your country. Please ask us.


People are diverse, have individual needs and tolerances for ingredients.

Therefore we have a range of products.

  1. Maltison Classic
    Normal calorie product with milk
    1 ml = 1 kcal.
  2. Maltison - milkfree
    normal calorie product, for a reliable milkfree nutrition
    1 ml = 1 kcal.
  3. Maltison High Energy - milkfree
    for high calorie intake
    1 ml = 1,5 kcal.
  4. Maltison lowcarb, high protein
    Only 10 en% carbohydrates, for comfortable low carb nutrition
    1 ml = 1 kcal.
  5. Maltison tailormade
    a special edition just for you and your individual needs and problems.
    write us and find out about the possibilities!

    For the children
  6. Maltrisi with demeter horsemilk
    ....our very best!

    adjusted for children from 1-10 y.o.
    1 ml = 1,2 kcal.
  7. Maltrisi milkfree
    adjusted for children from 1-10 y.o.
    1 ml = 1,2 kcal.

Here you can download our English brochure

Maltison brochure
Maltison brochure

You can download the datasheets and nutitional facts

here in German language and

here in Dutch language.

Unfortunately we don't have any English translations yet and we would be happy if someone could help us with that.

Refunds and replacements

All orders are final. In special circumstances, we offer replacements but cannot accept returns because this is a food product. Send us an Email for more information.